Microsoft Excel


South Area Adult Ed. Center

1362 South Babcock

Melbourne, Florida  32901



A spreadsheet class teaching the uses and features of Microsoft Excel. This is a comprehensive class covering most all of the features of Microsoft Excel. Students should have strong typing, computer, and mathematics skills. This class will cover both the accounting and database uses for Excel. There will be eight or more classes depending on the class times and days, but all classes are at least 30 hours total of instruction. Student projects will be an average scores spreadsheet, loan payment calculator, running total check book, logic work sheet, workers time sheet with paycheck calculations, and an employee database that will generate envelopes and name tags. Many of these projects will produce charts or graphs as well.


Class #1       Excel terminology, typing in cells, resizing and merging cells, colors and fonts, common

Excel problems


Class #2       Dragging patterns, borders and alignment, text wrapping, formatting short cuts, general cell

formatting, modifying sheets and books, beginning accounting lessons, auto-complete and

other options, editing controls


Class #3       Entering formulas and performing calculations, dragging formulas, formula shortcuts


Class #4       Creating more complex formulas, calculations involving other sheets, payments, interest,

and other financial calculations, logic calculations, validation rules, using the 'trend' function


Class #5       Laying out a typical accounting spreadsheet, making tables, formatting tables, pivot tables,

printing problems


Class #6       Making charts and graphs, customizing charts, integrating charts into other documents,

                        creating two (X and Y) and three (X, Y, and Z) dimensional graphs, pivot charts


Class #7       Accounting templates, creating accounting templates, forms for others to fill out


Class #8       Beginning database lessons, creating databases, entering data shortcuts, sorting data, printing

                        databases, searching a database, filtering a database


Class #9       Creating an address book database, making envelopes and labels with the address book



Class #10    Protecting and locking documents, creating an inventory database, integrating graphics and

other tools into a spreadsheet


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